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M-05 & M-06, Business Atrium Building, Oud Metha, Dubai

“In terms of reduction of losses, First Solution last year reduced
the losses of 60 Million Dirhams, which is 50% of our retail portfolio.
They are one of our top agencies out of the 18 agencies.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of outsourcing with First Solution?

First Solution serves as a seamless extension of your company. We help
businesses focus on what they do best while also helping consumers recover from financial failure. Read More

How can First Solution help your business save money?

We provide debt collections at the best price. If your company perform a specific business function, it is often more profitable to outsource and pay someone else to operate that function rather than hiring and training someone internally to handle the task. Additionally, technology, new personnel, software and equipment require capital & resource investments while outsourcing allows you bypass those investments and improve quality. There are also large savings to be had with an experienced partner like First Solution, who can hit the ground running with proven strategies to optimize and increase dollars collected.

What security measures does First Solution have to protect client information?

At First Solution, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable accounts receivable solutions. We are PCI-compliant and we meet all CFPB, TCPA and FDCPA regulations. Our facilities are equipped with safety monitoring systems, geo-redundant data processing which guarantees that all our operations are carried out in a highly protected, secure environment. Our business excels in strong compliance that ensures all process controls of our clients data.

What services does First Solution provide?
  • Delinquency Management
  • Bad Debt Recovery
  • Skip Tracing Services
What types of companies does First Solution serve?

First Solution works with a wide range of clients and portfolios to offer the highest level of collections support. We are synonymous to debt recovery in almost all walks of life. We specialize in servicing debt recovery from a plethora of industries Financial Products, Utilities, Educational and Medical. We have won multiple awards and certificates for our consistent performance backed with strong process adherence from marquee financial institutes.

How will First Solution meet our specific company needs?

Our experience speaks for itself. Our cutting edge technology backed by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data has made up the undisputed champions in debt recovery. Our recovery rates are the highest in the region and we rely heavily on technology driven solutions. We secure your data using digital and emotional intelligence to ensure our guaranteed success with each client we service.

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